Fatal Fortune – Deathcore band from New Delhi, India – Band Info

Band name – Fatal Fortune

Deathcore Band – Fatal-Fortune – Logo

Country Of Origin – India

Location – New Delhi, India

Status – Active

Formed In – 2017

Years Active – 2017 –

Genre – Deathcore

Lyrical Theme – Depression, death, torture, and angry feelings .

Current Label – Independent

Album Names and Release Dates – none

Gaurav Rathore-Vocals
Ryan Omega- Guitar
Gaurav Indaura-Drums

Band Info –
FATAL FORTUNE is an Indian Deathcore band based in New Delhi,India

They started as a three piece band, Guitarist (Ryan Omega) being the man behind the artwork and also as a songwriter with several bands, influenced by several genres of Death Metal which reflect in our music as dripping leads and headbanging riffs.

The drummer (Gaurav Indaura), a self taught artist, plays for different bands with one hell of a versatility in genres, knows how to make you go crazy in the pit with his fills,grooves and blast beat sections.

FF’s vocalist (Gaurav Rathore) being an innocent being and also the songwriter until the grasp of the microphone takes him into a world of slam and brutality. the man has mastered the skills required for the brutality we look forward to place in our songs.

FATAL FORTUNE’s sound influenced by Deathcore/Death Metal bands such as Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder, Impending Doom, Slipknot, Chelsea Grin, Bring Me The Horizon, Born of Osiris, Parkway Drive, The Plot In You, Children Of Bodom, Lamb of God, Meshuggah, Gojira, Behemoth, Slaughter To Prevail etc .

The band release its first single “FALSE KING” on 1.8.2017 on YouTube. The story and the lyrics of the song are depiction of a King who’s a King for himself and none for his Kingdom.

Wasting his life ,won’t give a damn about any accolades.
Promises to be the rightful one blinded by drinking.
The only happiness residing around him is within the lasses he’s spent nights with.
He reigns over the throne of his demons,Still wanting everyone to bow down.

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