MAW Exclusive: Delhi’s Aarlon Interviewed and New Song Release “HAIWAN”

Metal has always been a different kind of music, never chained in what is politically correct or the traditional way of making but now hardly there are bands who focus on making an impact rather than playing power chords at a faster pace.

Aarlon - Haiwan - Metals And Wheels

Delhi’s straight edge Hindi metalcore band Aarlon came up with their second single “Haiwan” and this was something unique in its own way because bands like Sifar played alternative rock with a touch of industrial metal and so is Warwan but for one single time “Haiwan” touched me deeply, so here is an exclusive interview of Aarlon .

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1) What is it like to be in the Indian metal scene?

It has been a hard period. Like every other ambitious band, we started participating in band competitions. It was really exhausting and frustrating as we were struggling to set our grounds in the Indian metal scene. Things went really good in the beginning.
We won, we got appreciated by other musicians. But at a certain point, things got stuck. That is when Pritam enlightened us. It took a lot of jams, feuds, and booze to open up our minds and bring forth something out-of-the-box metal which shouldn’t only stimulate the metalheads but also the general audience. Every human being.

There is a simultaneous focus on both making music and getting shows. There’s a whole lot of shows we are being invited to in the East and we are really looking forward to it.

2) Can you explain us about your song writing process?

There are many thematic variations in our songwriting which ranges from the subjects of mundane life to the subjects of spiritual and unworldly matters. It includes human relationships, vengeance, immortality, metaphysics, afterlife, etc. In our upcoming singles, there are hardly any themes which depict the concept of bliss or which gives out only positive energy. One could say that the singles are a motley crew of pent-up emotions that we are trying to vent out on social media.

3) It has been a trend to come up with Sanskrit slokas and other unrelatable lyrics for every other band who sings in Hindi, What’s your opinion?

Piyush adds, “Like most of the Hindi bands, I never wanted to write our songs in Shuddha Hindi/Sanskrit or even slang. I wanted to keep it where the words have an impact in their sounds. I have often used epithets and phrases which sound heavy yet they are enchanting. This kind of songwriting is not difficult for the general audience to grasp. Plus, it compliments the vibrations of our songs”.

Pritam co-relating the songs to his life says “All our works will remain in the domain of the circumstances that this sociopolitical and socioeconomic background sets for us. Being raised in a slum I never got to taste luxury and I have seen life and hardships from a point-blank range, have seen a desperate mother wasting her life to providing education to her kids! And I knew pain, struggle, sufferings, jealousy, misery, humiliation, revenge, hatred and CLASS STRUGGLE as a child! Perhaps, this is one of the reasons I somehow found heavy metal when I was 17 years of age and metal took a heavy toll on my adolescence! I find solace in screaming my guts out. It was always the songs that showcased someone else’s account of desolation, denials, deprivation, decay and death I could relate to. Unlike other slum dwellers, I knew to ‘channel my hate to productive’. Piyush pretty much writes the exact words that I think in my mother-tongue so there’s no way of being cliché!! ”

Piyush adds “Our lyrics revolve around what we feel, observe, and the problems we face on a daily basis. Due to language barriers in music the general mass is not able to relate to and define the songs. Hindi lyrics connect to a wider audience in India. So we thought that why not write metal/rock in our own mother tongue so there’s no inferiority and self-alienating issues with the working-class society.”

4) How did you guys come up with ‘Haiwan’?

Ritwik says “Once I was returning to Delhi from my hometown. It was scorching hot. When I took the taxi, instead of looking straight and driving, the driver was continuously staring at a woman sitting next to me through the rear view mirror. Despite her apparent un-comfort, he continued harassing her with his eyes. And, now intolerant, when I tried to tell him to drive looking straight, he looked at me with his burning red eyes. We both sensing some trouble decided to get off right there. After a while, right next to a gas station I saw two people brutally hitting each other just because the one had parked his car at the other guy’s place. These straight events at that day made me realize that this is what hell would be like and this is what devil would be like. After hindsight and related incidents, Piyush decided to pick up the pen.”

The song was first musically composed and then written. The whole was done in August of 2016 right a year.

5) It’s pointless to ask but I want to hear it from your side what does the video speaks about?

The music video of the song depicts a person in a deranged state who finds himself caged in a dungeon. He wants to repent for his and humanity’s sins. But it is too late. All hope is gone and now the time has come when the devil shall come and take him away, as the last line of the song says “antim raat, baaki kucch antim kadam”.

Pritam speaks about haiwan as “I am always on the struggling side. (Kho hoon baitha waqt ke chakra me apne nishaan. Jhooth ke sirhaane se yoon gira, mudti lakeerein hain dastan.)” These lines describe pretty much everything inside me.

6) With so much to feel and offer the scene what are the very next things, you guys are planning to do apart from Shows?

There are two more upcoming singles that will be released in a period of every two months. Since a little disclosure is not harmful to a budding band like us, an alternative rock/metal number called Tasveer(tentative) will probably be out in October. Although unconventional, we are planning to release each single in a period of two months rather than declaring an album release beforehand.

Well, it is not an easy task. The thing we do for now is whenever we need to jam for a gig, Pritam would come up to Delhi for the final jam. While we would be getting our instrumentals tight, he would be rehearsing/be practicing the songs far away in Siliguri. Sometimes we would jam on the cloud.

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